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Our Work Is Grassroots

and funded by people like You


Thank you for supporting our family's effort to improve Global Wellness!


We've been committed to physically supporting people in remote communities since 2017.

In 2024, we go

World Wide!

We're becoming a nonprofit built around serving under-supported communities in wellness and balance of every day life circumstances.


Our history led us to help 5000 people in 10 different countries, through in-person and digital means

And now...


Acquiring a bus will allow us to better meet the unique needs of underserved and remote communities. 


The people we serve have struggled to meet their needs while dealing with living expenses, medical costs, climate shifts, and societal changes that leave long-lasting impacts on impoverished and low-income communities all over the world.

Help Us Make It Happen!

Our vision is rooted deeply in Compassionate Action

We support real people in tangible ways;

through the passions of those who want to offer their talents.

Creating solutions to the nuances of life's challenges

is our specialty!

global mobile units

capable of supporting individuals, families, and communities in remote and underserved regions of the world, through projects, information sharing, and compassionate action.

Abstract Surface

Life is an Adventure.  Ours is a Wellness Adventure.

At Enduring Empathy, we take an in-home approach to helping our clients achieve optimal wellness. Our personalized care focuses on the individual needs of each client, ensuring they receive the best information possible to meet their unique life circumstances. We understand the challenges our clients face, which is why we bring our wellness support items with us wherever we go. By doing so, we can make an even greater impact on the lives of the people we serve.  We are dedicated to empowering our clients at-home through their health and well-being.

The Bus

While we dream of a rugged Torsus-like bus, we above all want to get moving! Today we are looking for a flat-nosed Class-A school bus or equivellant. We will entertain other options, but are looking for something capable of sustaining our efforts on unmaintained roads and difficult-to-travel areas. We will supply the bus with tools which help to pull ourselves out of muddy terrain, and to support others in natural disasters and community efforts that need stronger supports. Having the power of a bus to do the heavy jobs is a gift in many parts of the world! Our ideal range is a 10-12 windowed, 48-72 passenger bus; all potential offers will be considered. The bus does not need to have seats.


Our friendly exterior will be painted with a design built to invite friendly engagement. This includes a strip of chalkboard paint around the exterior for easy-to-change signage, announcement board, or a fun space to interact with locals and children. We'd like to think of this as the "Magic Schoolbus" of Wellness - hence, Wellness Adventures


The on-board apothecary and prep space is suited for our dynamic access to amazing plants. Our travels bring us to sacred local and indigenous information about using these plants in wellness and balance, and we seek to share this information with the world. The physical design features padded shelving capable of traveling on bumpy roads without breakage; a washing and drying area for plant matter, a stainless space for concocting remedies; and a bottling, labeling and storage area that doubles as store shelves display.

Living Quarters

Our team and visiting volunteers need a place to catch some zzz's! The utilitarian and modular design of our bus allows for three people to sleep comfortably consistently, and allows for up to three more people to utilize the modular and temporary bed spaces, if needed. All life sustaining activities are to be provided for on-board for up to 10 days without resupply; with the goal of increasing that autonomy in the future. Additional sleeping spaces could be created in the outdoor components of our set-up; the tented pop-up room can be closed in and provide for up to 5 additional people.

Wellness Spaces

Our wellness spaces are versatile and can be setup inside, outside, or as a standalone temporary structure. We can utilize community centers, schools, yards and more in order to deliver wellness support, classes, instruction and consultation.

The Team

Allie, Kevin, and EJ are the powerhouse family behind Enduring Empathy. We also retain many volunteers for every level of our work. If you're interested in supporting our efforts, please reach out to


Our events, big and small, are centered on bringing community together and creating dynamic dialogue and activity around wellness and health. We encourage all community members to take part, and join in the conversation of how we can do what we can with what we have, and make improvements to areas of existence.


One of our favorite aspects is our workstation; featuring our version of the king of DIY, Paulk Workbench, and a select few, easy-to-access tools which can be utilized in useful, creative, ingenuitive ways that further the success of life and wellness in remote regions. Our projects utilizing these tools are designed around improving the basic balance of individuals and families, as well as community structures that are heavily relied upon. This workshop is indoor/outdoor, modularm, and capable of adapoting to many environments and uses. In addition to the manual workspace, a digital and media workspace will be on board to allow us to document, edit and share content about our wellness adventures and the amazing people we serve, plants we observe, and fundraising promotions to suatin our work.

Wooden House in the Forest

Beginning Where We Got Our Start

- 95 Miles Across Belize -

2024 is our year to go mobile! 

With your help, we will acquire a bus, modify it to support our efforts and head back to Belize to kick off the beginning of Enduring Empathy's long-term goals. 

We appreciate your Donation to our cause!

  To pay homage to Belize for giving us our start; we're preparing our team to support individuals, families, and communities in a Wellness Adventure Effort that empowers chronically ill, chronically painful, everyday people and those unable to leave their homes.

Traveling from the Guatemalan Border with Belize at Benque Viejo Del Carmen, we will be setting up healing-focused opportunities, classes and informational booklets that embolden the local indigenous knowledge of at-home self care that creates better wellness while working through disease, illness, and injury.  We will visit each of the villages along the way, and end in Hopkins.  The entire effort is supported by our team of health and healing professionals.


Our Projects Create Impact


Useful Items for Houseless Humans

*  Backpacks filled with items useful to someone living in urban or suburban places without a home

*  Distributed on an as-needed basis, along our travels in the Enduring Empathy Bus

*  Items donated by Individuals, businesses, families, community groups, and more!

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