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Uniting A World of Compassionate Action

Zebra Remedies is an independent group of Humanitarian Volunteers dedicated to being compassionate, supportive global community members, wherever possible.  What we "do" is so intrinsically a part of who we ARE;

and our deep willingness to do what we can, with what we have, where we are.

The point is to turn your PASSIONS into COMPASSIONATE ACTION



We've helped plant trees, protect bodies of water, built houses and other home-based needs that have a more sustainable footprint on the planet, and we are ALWAYS on the lookout for another fun and immersive environmental project that helps everyone rise higher, together.


TOGETHER, WE RISE! Community Strategy is our cup of tea! We have helped rally the effort of local citizens, international donors, education and government systems that have come together, consciously, to create great impacts on their communities for the better. To book a consultation for your project or goals, send us an email at


We seek to be better community members to our Global Communities! Family life is often very difficult without close community or tribe. "How can we help?" is our favorite way to offer help; so reach out! We will let you know what we can take on!


Walk with Allie through difficult pain and health issues, spiritual imbalance, mental anguish, grand awakenings and immense Becomings; as together we pratice listening to Your Intuitive Voice, recogniing the actions of your Intuitive Brain, and taking on the challenges that will grow you deeper into the You you are already becoming. We are on time.


We've had our hand in a bit of everything...and we're gonna keep going! For us, Compassionate Action comes in a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and situations. The more we celebrate these moments between moments, the better united our society becomes. We ALL Came to Live Out Loud!

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Your Intuitive Voice; Your Compassionate Voice;
Is Your True Voice

We get really hung up on the "right" and "wrong" ways for people to show up to life, however I find that celebrating that another had the energy to show up at all, in ANY capacity; whether it was a virtual pat on the back, a supportive donation, a helping hand or a grand display of an opportunity; is where I really have learned to SEE people, and learned to LOVE people, where they are in life.  Giving People more room to show up with what they have available in the present-tense has shown me better ways to love others;
and by extension, my entire life became more loving."

  - Allie Baumeister                     
     Founder of Zebra Remedies
                             Creator of Damage Control                             Mindfulness Mentor: Coloring The Zebra

How We Show Up to Life
Is how we show up to Light.

To Joy.
To Grace.

To finding your Self in painful places
And recognizing that even then;
Joy IS a component of your experience in life.  
Love IS a component.  Care IS a component.  
Whatever you are struggling to face; we can face it together.

"We All Came To Live Our Lives Out Loud!"

-Allie Baumeister

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