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Oh How We've Grown

With what began as a disabled woman's early attempts at healing her Self, we have transformed into an international community group of do-goodery, love and compassion.  What use to be two (Amanda and EJ) is now a dynamic family (with Kevin); including a much broader group of wonderful, joy-spreading souls' who bring to life

the compassionate dynamic Zebra Remedies & Enduring Empathy

is all about. 

As of 2024, we have supported over 5000 people both physically and digitally in more than 10 countries. 

With our Bus, we know we can create an even bigger impact!

Meet our incredible team, and check out their many talents. 

This is the heart of Zebra Remedies. 

Thank you for keeping us in motion!



Creative Solutions Director
Sustainability Analyst

Graphics and Web


Kevin Proffitt

Creative Solutions Director

Health and Humanity Analyst


To our incredible supporters of our activism and our pain management products.  We are gifted this great connection to one another; and we feel the honor.

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