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Oh, How We've Grown!

As Zebra Remedies
We've been bringing information, how-to’s, materials, projects and wellness support products to remote and underserved areas 
since 2017

Our family and team engage in conscious activities that improve, empower, and rebalance the lives of 

individuals, families and communities

We Are One

Our wonderful team is working on their profiles, so please keep checking back.  For the time being you can see information about our founder, Allie Amanda Baumeister; and about our actual humanitarian efforts.

We began nearly a decade ago, with a very real goal of finding pain relief and sharing it with others.

Fast forward through wheelchair years; a lot of time being incredibly ill and imbalanced in Allie's mind+body+soul.   She found new healing within herself with many of the amazing tools we share with you here and on our Facebook page.  Now, we are an Independent Humanitarian Volunteer group and a compassionate business.  We currently have projects going in Belize that we support and are connected to hundreds of other wonderful projects around the world.  

As we move into the future we are creating a nonprofit, Enduring Empathy; capable of delivering this amazing support and compassionate action to villages and underserved communities all over the world.

Please help us achieve our goals!

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