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Living Out Loud is a way to bring dynamic human/biologically-friendly characteristics back into our every day lives.  For so long, we've been operating within a society built to minimize our basic humanities.  Zebra Remedies, along with all our many friends and herd members; seeks to create change in the norm of our daily dynamics in social, business, educational, communal, and therapeutic aspects of our existence.  


We All Came To Live Out Loud

We Are One

Our wonderful team is working on their profiles, so please keep checking back.  For the time being you can see information about our founder, Allie Amanda Baumeister; and about our actual business efforts.

We began nearly a decade ago, with a very simple goal of finding pain relief and sharing it with others.

Fast forward through wheelchair years; a lot of time being incredibly ill and imbalanced in my mind+body+soul.   I found new healing within myself with many of the amazing tools we share with you here and on our Facebook page.  Now, we are a Independent Humanitarian Volunteer group, and a compassionate business.  We currently have projects going in Belize that we personally support, and are connected to hundreds of other wonderful projects around the world.  



Creative Solutions Director
Sustainability Analyst

Graphics and Web


Kevin Proffitt

Creative Solutions Director

Health and Humanity Analyst


Jennifer Martin

Creative Solutions Director



Special Thanks

To our incredible supporters of our activism and our pain management products.  We are gifted this great connection to one another; and we feel the honor.

Rolling in the Dust


(720) 487-7369



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