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Affiliates and Influencers
With Heart

If you are an Influencer; a Community or Group leader; or have a following of 2000 people or more and discuss either chronic pain, athletic lifestyle, pain management, compassion, projects that help others, or something similar; we would LOVE to hear from you! Our product and focus is compassionate action; and we'd like to continue uniting people with projects they love and products that help support their well-being in an honest, simple way. 

If you would like to become an affiliate for selling Damage Control, or another item, please use the contact form below.

Letter from our founder:

                                   Would you like to help us talk about Damage Control?




We are looking for people to help us share Damage Control - Pain & Injury Support Lotion, with the world.  Damage Control is an all-natural topical pain aide that has helped me on my journey through chronic pain and illness.  At one time I could dislocate almost every bone in my body, and as you can imagine, that comes with a fair amount of muscle, bone, nerve and skin pain.  I came up with this product to help me with the many symptoms I was experiencing - and so Damage Control was birthed out of necessity and self-care.  We would like to share it with Influencers who resonate with our compassion and love for this world; and would like to talk to you about what you would like to exchange for reviewing a jar of Damage Control and sharing it with your followers? 

What we can offer:

  • A Jar of Damage Control - Pain & Injury Support lotion, your choice of blend (Original, Menthol, Citrus, Lavender)

  • 5 Sample Sizes to gift your followers

  • A connection to you as another follower, on any of the platforms we share.  Backlink to your website from ours

            (IG, FB, Patreon, )

  • We will share occasional posts you create that cross-resonate.

              You are welcome to initiate the sharing and let us determine   

            whether your post resonates with what we'd like shared. 

If you are interested in connecting with us and experiencing our topical pain management-aide lotion, please apply below or reach out on fb @ZebraRemediesLLC, or by phone at 719-291-1581 (Ask for Allie with Zebra Remedies)

*Our proceeds go to continuing our humanitarian work out in the world.  While we are updating our site with the past several years of projects; you can see some of what we've done already at

We are better together!  Reach out!

Apply to receive an Influencer Package Agreement
Which blend of Damage Control - Pain & Injury Support Lotion would you like to review?

Thank You for applying! We will reach out to you soon!

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