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Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

"We All Came
To Live Out Loud"
~Allie Baumeister

Amanda Baumeister

Creative Solutions Director

Community Strategist

Strategic Planner
Project Manager

Business Strategy Consultant

Graphic Designer
Video Producer/Editor

Founder of Zebra Remedies

and Enduring Empathy

Since 2017, 

My son, EJ and I have spent much of our time intentionally setting out into the world with a willingness to help wherever we can. It has led us both into some of the greatest adventures and connections of our lives.  In 2021, Kevin joined our family, and the three of us continue to live through Compassionate Action together; sharing it broadly as we go!

Accomplishments, Resume, Interests

Learn With Me!

  Anatomy/Physiology  |  Mindfulness Practices  |  Intuitive Communication  |  At-home first Aid  

   Self-Aware Self-Massage to Rebalance the Body  |  Biology for Real Life

      Herbology and Plant Medicine  |  Modern Balance to Medicinal Applications

     * Connect with me for one-on-one or group learning

        (most opportunities are free or "donate as you're able"

     * (Coming SOON!) I have a beautiful class I'm working on posting about    

        rebalancing the body with the tools we were born with, and I'm excited to be

        offering it soon!


     * Contact me as-needed for a sounding-board style communication built around

        proactive solutions and creating wellness with yourself.  I am the friend that will

        have the very hard conversation with you about HOW; and will walk with you

        while we identify and learn to listen deeper to your Intuitive Voice.  

You may also hire me to provide you with a concise document of information about your body in the stage it is in, as I observe it. 


This would include assessments of mind, body, and spirit through the lens of;

* current research

* old-world appreciations of how and why certain ailments unfold

* Indigenous perspectives

* Western perspectives

* Eastern thoughts (Including Chakra's and Astrology, Peaceful Practices, and Movement-Based-Wellness)

* My personal observations, suggestions, guidance and experiences 
* I will collaborate with any of your health/wellness providers, and/or the information they've collected, to provide you with the clearest view of what I see happening in your Being. 

We discuss You; Your experiences; Your Mind.  Your Body.  Your Soul.  I'm ready to hear you; receive you; discover movement forward with you; and return your health into your own hands; now empowered with new tools to operate the body and experience you're living in.


The Suggested Donation for this service is:
                             This supplies you with a comprehensive PDF capable of helping you                                  understand the anatomy, physiology, psychology, Intuitive                                                  communications, and other aspects of the
dynamic principles

                             of Your life. 


                             There will be how-to's, links, images, and other useful                                                          information detailing how to make movements forward

                               and improve challenges states.  


If you would like to work with me,

you can start by contacting me here.


 Where we can offer each other more loving, compassionate room to grow, as we each build ourselves into the Warriors our

planet and bonds needs us to be,

in order to keep the balance of our existence. 


Balance matters.

Allie, Kevin and EJ are an Independent Humanitarian Volunteer family! 


Since 2017 we have been working in remote villages and communities, schools and individual homes to help support the transitions that have met people in their lives.  We have a focus on sustainability in all facets, but with the most important piece at its heart:  Compassion.  Sustainability does not look the same for every person, every culture, or every country.  We are here to talk with locals, discover what it is they recognize as their needs to rebalance, and offer up ideas that are being constructed in villages just like theirs all over the world.  These ideas utilize materials that are locally sourced and adaptable, and cornerstone on building simple, basic machines that can be powered by Nature, human effort, electrical methods where available, or utilize trash/wastes as fuel sources.  We have loved this life, and as of 2023 are continuing to travel with our efforts, so that we can bring Compassionate Action to a much broader community!  Check out our work; support us by buying a jar of Damage Control - Pain & Injury Support; Donate; Hire Us, or Cheer Us On!  We are out in the world communicating, excelling and transforming difficult situations into creative, proactive solutions! 

We are establishing a Nonprofit in the near future: Enduring Empathy, where our work can be better supported through grants and donations, and fantastic humans like you who believe in our grassroots work.

Project Management

  Project Manager  |  Scrum Projects  |  Research  

     *  Leadership Education & Roles since 1995

     *  Team Motivator Since 1995

     *  Mediator and Conflict Management Education & Roles 1996

     *  Team Player and Team Management since 1995

     *  Research of business, legal, medical, scientific, or other focuses since 2000

     *  Organize and Prioritize

     *  Technical, Corporate and Medical Writing

     *  Employee Organization and Management

     *  Volunteer Organization and Management

     *  Most Experience: 2+ Year long Projects

     *  Most Passionate Experiences:  Being the PM for Compassionate Projects,

         and working with business' and efforts that bring about proactive solutions

     *  For-Profit and Non-Profit


ClickUp, Monday, Zoom, WhiteBoards, Asana, Google/Gmail, MS-Office 360, Adobe Suite (video/photo/graphic art), Agile

Strategist/Creative Solutions Director

  Small Projects  |  Large Projects  |  Community Strategy   
            Proactive Solutions  | Compassionate Action

     *  Communicate with locals and identify their needs: we ask "How can we help?"

     *  Collect and organize resources that have value to the needs of the situation or


     *  Rally and Motivate! Together, We Rise!

     *  Communicate via Social Media, Donation Platforms, and other public arenas;  

         how the project can be supported

     *  Communicate and Organize Locals, Expats, Business' and Officials 

     *  Plan and design physical project properties, specifications, dimensions

     *  Strategize the timeline of events and create a flow plan for each team member

     *  Execute Intended Project; Days-Before, Day-Of, and Follow-up


Graphic Design

  Logo Design  |  Digital Illustration  |  Marketing  |  Branding  |  Branded Publications

     *  Productions/Slideshows and Organization of Footage Elements since 1997

     *  Logo Designer since 2000     
     *  Adobe-based Graphic Design since 2009

     *  Digital Photography Editing Since 2009: (Wedding/Event/Portrait/Professional/Corporate/Digital Preservation)

     *  Graphic Illustrator since 2009

     *  Branding and Marketing

     *  Product Labeling

     *  GIFs, Meme's and other graphics for social media

     *  Forms and in-house focused publications, displays, and art work

Photography & Photo/Image Editing

  Logo Design  |  Digital Illustration  |  Marketing  |  Branding  |  Branded Publications

     * Nikon, Sony and Canon Professional User since 2008

     * Adobe-based Graphic Design since 2009

     * Productions/Slideshows and Organization of Footage Elements since 1997

     * Photographer for private, public and corporate events since 2008

     * Photography Editor since 2009: (Wedding/Event, Portrait, Candid, Nature, Retouch, Professional/Corporate, Digital Preservation

     * Logo/Brand Designer since 2000: especially educational, nonprofit, and wellness industries

     * Marketing/Branding since 2000



Editing, Proofing, Writing

   Manuals and Manuscripts  |  Marketing Materials  |  Educational Materials   

           Grant Writing | Proofing  |  Writing/Copywriting  |  Ghost Writing  

                            Book Publishing Prep  |  Individual Publishing  

    *  Adobe-based Book Editing Since 2009

     *  Professional Book Publishing & Independent/Personal Publishing

     *  Photography Editing, cataloging, captioning and numbering

     *  Cover Design and Artwork

     *  Structural Editing

     *  Developmental Editing
     *  Copyedit
     *  Proof reading

     *  Business Plans

     *  Wellness, medical and health reports

Video Production  &  Video Editing 

 Special Occasions/Memories  |  Demo Video |  Classes/Education  |  Social Media  |  YouTube  |  Patreon  |  TikTok

    * Nikon, Sony and Canon Professional User since 2008

     * Adobe and Apple based Editing Software since 2009

     * Productions/Slideshows and Choreography of Footage Elements since 1997

     * Videographer for private, public and corporate events since 2009

     * Video Editor since 2009: (Wedding/Event, Nature, Action, Demo, Retouch, Professional/Corporate, Digital Preservation)

     * Video Graphics Designer since 2000: especially educational, nonprofit, and wellness industries

     * Marketing/Branding since 2010


Video Production Deliverables

  • Corporate Video

  • Stock Footage

  • Screencasting Video

  • Unboxing Video

  • Voice-Over Recording

  • Music Video

  • Elearning Video

  • Footage-Based Video

  • Testimonial Video

  • Explainer Video

  • Slide Animation

  • Promotional Video

  • Trailer

  • Spokesperson Video

  • Cinematography

  • Concept Video

  • Wedding & Event Video

  • Camera Operation

  • Lyrics Video

  • Video Intro & Outro

  • Movie

  • Real Estate Video

  • Narrated Presentation

  • Whiteboard Video

  • Video Animation

  • Dance Video

  • Video Commercial

  • Social Media Video

  • Video Production

  • Demo Video

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