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Budding Trees

Working with Communities, Donors, Nurseries and the Government of Belize to plant fruit trees, and repopulate the hardwoods that have been logged into near-extinction from this area; Zebra Remedies is actively organizing large scale tree planting projects, and we would love your help!

Volunteer on this Project!  Find out what we are in need of or offer your personal experience and ideas to help in another way!

Donate to help up Budding Trees, or buy our products and help support our entire effort

Budding Trees is an amazing new project fueled by the incredible response the world-over to the newly declared Climate Emergency.  Zebra Remedies' amazing volunteers are diligently working on collecting seeds, growing saplings, and gearnig up for several tree plantings throughout Belize.  We are also joining forces with others in Belize already doing this great work, and together we hope to contribute to a more positive balance of air quality for all Life on Earth.

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Volunteers Needed!

Currently seeking people of all ages to assist with

     Seed Collection

     Sapling Collection

     Community Outreach/Education

     Social Media

     Government Relations

     Donation Support


Donations/Assistance Needed!

Currently seeking people of all ages and backgrounds to assist with

     Financial Support towards purchasing trees

                    navigating Government Requirements

                    Daily Operations to carry out a mass-planting

     Local - Transportation of volunteers and saplings



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