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Blue Flowers

"Life can be really hard to figure out sometimes.  There's a lot happening at all times and, equally, we find ourselves looking for a mindful center. 


As an activist, this is something you face head on often - not always with grace.  As a human being, experiencing life - we are all learning, expanding, shaping and re-shaping. 

We are being GROWN.

THESE are the moments that grow us!"

-Allie Baumeister

We are better together.  Zebra Remedies has started holding Coloring The Zebra chats - where we have dynamic discussions about existing, learning to balance the Self and the immediate world around you, as well as developing coping mechanisms, processing tools and more to navigate life.  We get these gracious opportunities to unite together and become the sounding board for each other's intuitive voice.  There is no right answer for how each person "should" live this life.  There is, however, something great and vast that connects us all - all life.  And we are united within that.  

Together, We Rise


Join our Facebook group - Coloring the Zebra - Conversations of Consciousness - for our regular video chats and posts where we have dynamic discussions


Or                                 some one-on-one time with Allie for a Good Medicine Session, where I will hear you, remind you of your sacred Self, and become a safe place for back-and-fourth complex conversations where-in we employ many different tools and tactics to learn how to align the Self.  We are all seeking balance and so few of us are being taught how to bring our Selves balance.  Let us navigate your personal balance, together.

Explore Intuitive Communication with Self and Tribe! 

Reach out to see what we have actively going on this week!

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