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Running With The Herd
the Blog of Our Evolution

This last weeks themes was about Embracing Change.

Ow how that can hurt 💜 and yet here we are; we make it through time and again and we all too often see these rights of passages, as instead some awful situation that would "knock us down". The truth is, these are opportunities presented to you so that you may have the option of making a new relationship with them. Here it is! You said you wanted change! You have been given opportunity to change the way you show up to this situation, and find yourself following a new fork in your path.

The first video and a POV teary eye'd awakening

The second is me reading a poem.

Love you all!

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For the last several days I've been walking a friend of mine through a veterinary health crisis with their cats (while finishing one with my son's dog, Tidbit). So lucky we have met amazing doctors, vet techs and compassionate, informative souls along the way who are happy to help when help is needed. The strain of my friend's heart over this is another matter. We had an interesting short chat about how this situation creates a trauma for everyone involved, and how we navigate that trauma dictates how it anchors with us for the long haul. This weeks sacred dance with life and death, wellness and illness has inspired this poem...

black cat

Your face, so fine.

Each day you've graced my sacred life

Has changed me, grown me, shaped me

Molded me more into the person I am in this breath.

You're what's left

Of decades of existing and Becoming in myself;

All that is here with me in the now

Bellowing in their own ways

The ways of my yesterdays.

This is present.

You and I in a moment less pleasant

Holding tight to the life thread that feels entangled

Feels faded

Feels unsure of what's next for this

Painted, lively soul,

Wrapped up in their discomfort. I've got you.

I may not know the best step

to take next in your treatment

But I'm here, figuring it out with you

Side by side.

As much as it pains me, unnerves me, and quakes me

There is no where else I'd rather be in this time

Than holding space for you to realign.

Listening to your heart talk to mine.

Language of love is filled with small signs

Little bits of intuitive knowing

growing together into actions for our balance.

There's a dance at work in the nature of this

And maybe I'm not hearing the music now

But my body is already in the flow

Something about me knows where to go

And how to offer help

I don't need to intellectually hear it;

The best or most ideal of anything

-of anything.

We are present and in the now.

And I will hold you, in all this, somehow

Even if my arms can't reach you in a comforting place

this link, this bond cannot be phased

by the changes of our existence.

Love does not come with the condition

That you stay the same, dear heart.

I love You.

And somehow in all this,

I've Got You.

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This last two weeks I've been working with people going through some tough moments in life centered around their bonds with others. We work on how we breathe through these times; how we walk the sacred walk. One person in particular is finding his tongue in vocal experiences he would rather not be having, and so he is learning a new level of patience for what life is aligned with right now, and he is evolving at a great pace. I see someone he loves as being in great pain when other's would deem this person to be "bad" and such. When I pointed it out, he really sat with it. That warms my soul. To CONSIDER another human. Thank you for that moment. Particularly a human you have large feelings about. When humans are happy and well, they don't do malicious or intentionally hurtful things to one another. This comes from a place of hurt. Pain. Agony, suffering, neglect, regret, and unworthiness play roles in trauma responses (yellow, lashing out, radically making decisions and changing your mind frequently, never settling. These are signs of a human going through their own crisis. While they may be affecting you; be aware that they are operating from a place of hurt. Make choices that balance YOU, and they bit by bit move to find balance in themselves, which can be inspired by having many opportunities to see other people living out greater balance in their own lives. We live by affecting one another; igniting one another into life. Ignite consciously as able. Tonight's poem inspired by what I've witnessed this week in people's hearts. May you all find joy ---- "I Just Want To Be Loved" I just want to be loved but I haven't yet figured Out exactly what steps; and I'm constantly triggered By the deep pang of reflect, recompose, re-in-vigor The process that I'm fighting is a tide that's so much bigger Than my appetite for the fight. I could just flow. I could accept what it would mean to "let go" I could compose A new letter to my better Self and let my Self know I've seen me and where I'm going. I'm supportive of what I've been doing and maybe just letting Me into Me for a bit Would help sort out the noise in my head. This isn't about reject -tion This isn't about perfection or the people who stand erect from the fraction of your life that was given to you You've built new Forward From where you came And every time we look back we feel the pang Missed opportunities for connection and the stain Of judgements worn over our shoulders like a cloak With nails sticking through to my skin. It turns out, they're not ready to let me in. And I'm ready to stop taking that personally.

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