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Manifesting And Creating 2022

2022 is an exciting year for us!  It's only January and we'd already embarked on several new adventures!

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>We moved back to Belize in the middle of the previous December.

   We've been enjoying time at Dee's in Corozal district; hashing out all our goals, dreams, legal mumbo jumbo.  We have been asked to be here to support her transitions and puppy sit - so of course expect cute footage!  This return to Belize gives us time to prepare for our future endeavors while being joyously present in the growth of the now!   We spend our days eating fresh fruits, making delicious dinners and salads, riding bikes and training, and completing compassionate acts in as many places as we can touch.  We've been leaning into our own personal growth deep - and finding healing and love where darkened and cold corners of

our hearts had existed; and Becoming and Becoming again! 

Our business is getting an official boost and Jen has been

making Damage Control, and manifesting forward the

gifts we have with us today. We believe in the good

things here, and the good things coming! 

This life is a joy! 

Thank you for helping us shine our brightest shine.

>We began the Tilo and Jay House Project!  Every Sunday we've been heading out to their land to make progress on the property and get this young family moved in!  We're using on-hand and alternative materials, in addition to cement and some of the more typical materials used these days in this area.  Check out progress on our project here and on Facebook!

>Amanda got the privilege of photographing her dear friend's wedding ceremony; and we all got to attend and help out!

>On January 28th we registered Zebra Remedies as a formal business!  Damage Control - Pain & Injury Support Lotion, pictures, prints and other Print on Demand items are going to be available for sale beginning February!

>Planning Kevin's training schedule and potential future races!  We're really excited to be unfolding a dear passion of Kevin's to rebalance his health and excel again at running.  Join us for the endearing journey we are all on, while we unfold our truth's into reality.


>Coloring The Zebra is getting a reboot (and a book!)  Connect with and support the art of poetry that embodies the human experience of all these moments between moments that grow us, and our existential connection to all creation.  Find updates and sneak peaks at the book, and become a Patreon!

You can find us in a couple places, and follow along as each of our joy's and all of our efforts for Compassionate Action carry us through another year.

2022 Enduring Empathy is now our name for our Compassionate Projects.  We are exploring what it takes to become a non-profit; but for now we remain a Community Action Group; operating in a global environment!

The Escobar/Artiga Home with Available Alternative Materials

> videos of planning, write up, photos, donate

Our Return to Belize

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