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 Intuitive Re-balancing

Sessions, Lessons, & Communal Pondering's

     Intuitive alignment is the process of re-balancing that is biologically built within you.  It's a process your body, mind, and spirit knows how to complete in order to bring itself into the next, or present moment, bringing itself as close to "thriving" as it can with the very breath it is taking right this second.  While we are capable of surviving and adapting to nearly anything; we are built to find ways to thrive.  It tends to be through our societal lives; through our have-to's, should's and miscommunications with Self, one another, and all of Nature; that we find our self in illness; or as many have referred to it as; "dis-ease."  That is the place in which we struggle against the flow of our own Self; the flow that's begging us for more of our own time, and attention, love and compassion; from our Self.  This life is a practice; and together; we get our hands dirty; our heart's wet; and we dive into life via that basic building block of our biology; connection.  Here you will find a myriad of opportunities to connect deeper about an array of topics that affect our health, wellness, joy and awareness. 

Harness your You; go to your Yes! 

Welcome in; may we begin again.

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Over the years many people have found their way to asking me to help sounding-board style to navigate difficult life moments, thoughts, feelings, passions and beyond.  I take great joy in reminding other's of their passionate truth and how they individually align with it. 

Together, we delve into your experiences and discover a deeper connection and communication with Self.  I will introduce you to an abundance of concepts that may resonate with your experience; and as we discover You, You will have access to communicating with me frequently throughout the week, and having one-on-one sessions with me as needed as you grow through this specific endeavor.  I typically work with people from 2 weeks to 3 months, with the majority of our more intensive communication happens in that first month of unfolding the particular lesson you've aligned yourself with me to walk through.  I am only a facilitator; offering guidance as it becomes applicable; and consciously agreeing that I am here, ready to hear you, and make active choice in your existence.  My goal is to teach you the mechanisms and tools that are biologically part of you already; and help you with the initial practice of rediscovering your universe-given talent of growing on!  Your very breath is a miracle; and there is no reason you can't find a balance with knowing and appreciating that truth about your life, while still balancing and being coherent of everything else in existence that feels so much less miraculous at the moment.  Together, we rise.

You may also hire me to provide you with a concise document of information about your body in the stage it is, as I observe it.  This would include current research, old-world appreciations of how and why certain ailments unfold, Indigenous perspectives, Western perspectives, Eastern thoughts (Including Chakra's and astrology) and beyond.  My personal observations, suggestions, guidance and experiences would also be included; and I will collaborate with any of your health providers, and/or the information they've collected, to provide you with the clearest view of what I see happening in your Being.  We discuss You; Your experiences; Your Mind.  Your Body.  Your Soul.  I'm ready to hear you; receive you; discover movement forward with you; and return your health into your own hands; now empowered with new tools to operate the body and experience you're living in.


Understanding the natural world and your connection and place amongst it, is a beautiful component to our existence that is so lovely and worth delving into.  Jen and Amanda have been preparing classes, information, techniques, procedures, practices, meditations and beyond to share with all of our wonderful connections out in the world!  Welcome in!  Here are some of our offerings this year!

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Lessons & Classes

Lessons and Classes
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