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Amanda Baumeister

Allie and her son have spent the last several years intentionally setting out into the world with a willingness to help wherever help they can offer is needed. It has led them both into some of the greatest adventures and connections of their lives.

I've come from many places; wandered through many times

Do a personal bio from my Self about my passions, history and future endeavors.  Mention the kind of work I *want* to do. 

Creative Solutions Director

Community Strategist

Project Manager


Classes I offer (prices, links, etc)

Where do I want to host the classes and how much do I want to charge?  By Suggested Donation?

Activism - what it means to me, how I make it part of every day life, where we can offer each otehr more loving, compassionate room to grow, as we each build ourselves into the Warriors our planet and bonds needs us to be in order to keep the balance of our existence.  Balance matters.

Photography Portfolio/.Art for Sale

Make a Smugmug gallery or several that combines photos you've taken.  Gather Belize.  Maybe list by Country/Catagory/Experience

Graphic Design/Illustration/Book Editing/Ghost Writing/Writing/Other Skillsets

**I am in the process of putting a great effort into these portfolio pages.  If there are examples missing, please contact me directly so I may send you what you're looking for.  I am currently available for hire in many different areas, either as gig work on as an ongoing basis.  I will not operate a "normal weekday schedule".

Allie and EJ are a career activist, Mother-Son duo!  Since 2017 we have been working in remote villages and communities, schools and individual homes to help support the transitions that have met people in their lives.  We have a focus on sustainability in all facets, but with the most important piece at it's heart:  Compassion.  Sustainability does not look the same for every person, ever culture, or every country.  We are here to talk with locals, discover what it is they recognize as their needs to rebalance, and offer up ideas that are being constructed in villages just like theirs all over the world.  These ideas utilize materials that are locally sourced, adaptable, and cornerstone on building simple, basic machines that can be powered by Nature, human effort, electrical methods where available, or utilize trash/wastes as fuel sources.  We have loved this life, and as of 2021 are continuing to travel with our efforts, so that we can bring Sustainable Exploration to a much broader community!  Check out our work, and please be mindful that we are just a small team, with limited access to the internet, and devices.  While I sometimes struggle to keep up with posting everything, we are out in the world busy communicating, excelling and transforming difficult situations into creative solutions! 

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