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Links to Portfolio Categories (watercolor/card making/compassionate action/IT/Things she is passionate about

Do a personal bio from Jen about her passions, history and future endeavors.  Mention the kind of work she *wants* to do. 

*mention the quest to learn more about herbology

Watercolor and Artwork (zentangle etc) by Jen (have an easily updatable gallery pulling these so Jen can add work)

Activism - what it means to me, how I make it part of every day life, where we can offer each otehr more loving, compassionate room to grow,

How does Jen show compassionate Action in day to day reality, and how it impacts the world around her

IT and Other Skills

Passions (maybe move this higher)

**I am in the process of putting a great effort into these portfolio pages.  If there are examples missing, please contact me directly so I may send you what you're looking for.  I am currently available for hire in many different areas, either as gig work on as an ongoing basis.  I will not operate a "normal weekday schedule".

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