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Mark-IT! Bags


Mark-IT! Bags was a 2018/2019 project in Corozal, Belize where we worked on a three part program. 

Part 1:  Getting reusable bags into the hands of locals. 

Part 2, minimize the amount of plastic bags entering the community. 

Part 3.  Discover useful ways to reuse the plastic bags that are already in the environment.

We teamed up with other organizations in their effort to go greener, including Oceana Belize, locals schools like St. Paul's By the Sea, and local businesses and community members who have worked hard to impact their communities in positive ways. 

We learned how to make plastic bags, and bags that have plastic components, into stronger, more durable bags that can last a much longer period in service.  We helped clean up beaches with Oceana and taught about the life-cycles of plastics in classrooms. 

Contact Us

If you think projects like these would benefit your community, or you would like to join together in turning passion into Compassionate Action, we would love to hear from you!

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