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EcoBase for Sustainable Exploration

At the end of 2019 we were gifted land to stay on while we do our work in the Corozal District of Belize.  Little Zebra and I moved our furry family to Chunox (A Maya word for "breadfruit" from one of the many local languages of Maya) where we've begun transforming a 24 acre fruit orchard into a food forest.  This is a new project for us - we've built food forest gardens from scratch in schools - and now we are experimenting with the transformation of an established farm property into a jungle paradise that works better with the local ecosystem while

also providing food for our family and village friends.  This experiment is also going to be the focus of many of our upcoming videos and classes, along with our projects meant to improve life and capabilities in some way, while utilizing waste/trash as a valuable material to do the job at hand.

We have a dream of turning a bus this farm into an interactive, indoor/outdoor classroom for people of all ages to come and experience, test out, become inspired, and work through the critical thinking necessary to complete a project that creates a solution.  While we've been traveling and teaching these projects, COVID-19 has made that unreasonable, and at times downright impossible.  Though we still plan on acquiring a bus to continue traveling and spreading these great projects around further, for the immediate future we will unfold our work at the farm and present it in a digital format for all our fans, students and supporters.  Keep checking back for new classes and activities being posted, as we expand the reach of information useful in building basic projects that work in second, third and fourth world living situations.

Some of our mini projects around the farm.  Check back soon for links to classes!

Volunteer at the EcoBase for Sustainable Exploration!  We want to be a playground of discovery for people who want to meet real world problems with real world ideas, and work together to discover the process and determine the "how?" Whether you'd like to teach, try, or be inspired; we'd love to have you!  Digital, Day, and Extended Stay opportunities available.

Donate to the EcoBase projects!  We have an abundance of ongoing opportunities to reach out to the community, and your donations help feed people during programs and classes, as well as to buy tools and necessary materials.  Every donation makes a difference to the communities we are working in.

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