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The Zebra Exchange

Zebra Remedies, at it's core, is about supporting one another.  We are a central hub for people who are working on big projects, wanting to start movements, are finding ways to better their community and to help those in need.  We welcome you, and encourage you to get involved in the dialogue!

While the web site, forum, blog, etc are still new, the conversation has been alive and well around the WORLD about how we are going to tackle the difficult problems that face us today.  Regardless of WHERE you have the conversations, we urge you to KEEP having them!

Inside you will find conversations that are geared towards the struggles you face, the successes you've had, the projects and instructions that shape a more balanced way of life and the respectful but difficult dialogue we need to be having about the problems that face our world at large.



Our Chat Space

This Discord server group, Zebra Remedies Tribe Chat is for those of us who would like to carry on daily connection and build friendships around our commitments to do-goodery and balance.  Join us!


Our Dynamic Podcast

This New Podcast is focused on having the difficult conversations and tackling the hard-to manage issues of leading a movement, beginning a project, joining a cause and beyond.  Let's connect and Rise Together!

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Keeping Up With the Herd

Our Blog is an opportunity to catch up with Zebra Remedies and what we are working on in the current week/month.  New Adventures always seem to be finding us, and we'd love to keep you informed!


How-To's & Strategies

This Forum is geared towards being a

"pinterest/google of do-goodery."
Please post helpful/useful Projects and instructions, and other concepts here, which can help inspire the world at large

This is a collection of meme's we've enjoyed, but did not create.  We post these just to share them with you,as we've collected them from around the web.

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