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Uniting Compassionate People with Active Solutions


Welcome to our passion - the Projects Page!  Here you can find out more about our incredible initiatives going on wherever we are in the world; some that we began ourselves and some that we joined up with so we could support each other's amazing efforts!  Please check out projects that you are passionate about, and consider donating, or even better, VOLUNTEERING or Starting Your OWN Effort!

Got an idea for a project?  Email to discuss the possibility of getting started with Zebra Remedies as your support system!

Soon you will be able to sign up for volunteer opportunities, chat on our projects forum and shop with a membership!  It is an honor to have you.  Keep checking back for our ongoing updates!


Please email for any information you may be seeking about a project we haven't yet posted.  Our web site is only updated when we personally have the time and energy to do it, and will be undergoing changes as often as I am able - so please keep checking back and evolve this adventure with us!

Help us evolve

Volunteer to help build our web presence!
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