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ZEB EcoBase for Sustainable Exploration

(with a potential future)


At the end of 2019 we were gifted land to stay on while we did our work in the Corozal District of Belize.  Little Zebra and I moved our furry family to Chunox (A Maya word for "breadfruit" from one of the many local languages of Maya) where we'd begun transforming a 24 acre fruit orchard into a food forest. 

This was a new project for us - we've built food forest gardens from scratch in schools - and now we were experimenting with the transformation of an established farm property into a jungle paradise that works better with the local ecosystem while also providing food for our family and village friends.  This experiment was never intended to be longer than 2 years, and around 8 months into our stay, the world was hit with COVID-19.

We have a deeper vision of one day transforming a place into an interactive site for community education surrounding sustainable exploration.  Our passions have been unfolding with the gathering of community, and other's who particularly are called to sustainable exploration; and together we intend to perform efforts just like this around the world; giving ourselves room to continue expanding our projects and finding space for everyone in the path towards unfolding a more balanced global environment. 

We have also had the vision of turning a bus into an interactive, indoor/outdoor classroom for people of all ages and locations to experience, test out, become inspired, and work through the critical thinking necessary to complete a project that creates a solution.  Think of this as the Magic School Bus of Sustainable Play/Creativity/Construction/Living.  While we've been teaching these projects in Corozal District schools, the country's COVID response to keep our children safe has left us unable to continue that work at this time.  Being fluid, heart forward humans that we are, we see this as the perfect time for us to to reach back to the community in any way we can, so we have continued our work by traveling mindfully and spreading these great projects around to villages who were already compromised before the pandemic, and who are having to learn to adjust to the ever-changing climate.  Together, we can come up with feasible answers to real issues that these individual villages face. 

Contact Us

If you think projects like these would benefit your community, or you would like to join together in turning passion into Compassionate Action, we would love to hear from you!

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