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 I'm a Zebra, too!


I have helped many people find ways to realign aspects of their wellness and discover new ways to navigate their body's challenges, but I was only able to do this because I, myself, learned to work with my body, and to listen to what my body was telling me was against it.  That doesn't mean I make perfect choices - because "perfect" isn't Nature.  It means that I look for ways to make balanced decisions; so that when I teeter to the left, I can choose ways, thoughts, actions, reactions and nutrition that brings me to the right, and this great teetering-to-the-tottering of life's Balance goes on; a little to the left, a little to the right.  A tumble and great shift, a climb to realign.  This was awakened inside me and almost immediately led to the clarities that I'd been trying to piece together; now suddenly a roadmap for how to get out of the wheelchair; how to find better health; how to enjoy life more and suffer less; all became clear to me, for MY existence.  

Over time I developed the ability to communicate with other's about the mountains they climb; the balances they maintain, and the Intuitive Voice that is within each of us, letting us know what we individually need to survive and thrive.  Our Success has massive biological components helping us to act towards our best interests.  Together, we learn how to listen deeper.  Act Sooner.  Grow Stronger.

Here are some topics I have covered on tools I use to help my EDS symptoms.  You are always welcome to reach out to me for a consultation, a quick question, open communication, etc.  I do not turn away anyone looking for healing, regardless of ability to pay.  My suggested Donation Prices are guidelines, not set in stone, and I maintain that our integrity as healers lies in us maintaining our own balance and wellness within our Selves.  If we need to ask for funds, it's because money is the tool that is needed.  Much of the time food is the tool of greater value. Our energetic exchange is of the greatest.  While I admit I have to feed my own family and pay my own fees, who I am is not brought down to the dollar sign. 

Managing Hypermobility in day-to-day life

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Managing Extreme Symptoms in day-to-day life

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