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Zebra Remedies 

Our general work with Zebra Remedies - where we reach out to communities, educate in classrooms and on campus', hold fundraisers and most importantly, inspire ACTION!  This organization is focused around the notion that the more we converse about the problems impacting the Earth and society today, the more we inspire and support each other the better we may try to maintain a balance for tomorrow.  Together, we RISE!

Volunteer with Zebra Remedies!  Our General Work needs lots of love - bring yours and make a difference!  Find out what we are in need of or offer your personal experience and ideas to help in another way!

Donate to help Zebra Remedies purchase materials for our display booth so we may continue to get the word out all around Belize! Buy our products and help support our entire effort

We are passionate about finding solutions as a world-wide community, and if you are, too, we could really use your help!  We don't claim to have all the answers, but we do believe that the only way to solve problems is to address and converse about them - to share ideas and experiment with the possibilities.  Join in the dialogue and let's ignite ideas that will be game changers to the current imbalances we face in the world, both environmentally and socially. 

Stop by our forum - Zebra Tribe Chat - and open up a dialogue about proactive potential solutions, questions and trouble shooting, and the struggles we face as a culture of people who are unifying under determination to cope with  the trash issues that we face.  Our Tomorrow's depend on our action Today!

Volunteers Needed!

Currently seeking people of all ages to assist with

     Project Manager

     Community Outreach/Education

     Social Media

     Government Relations

     Donation Support

     Booth Attendant Educator


Donations/Assistance Needed!

Currently seeking people of all ages and backgrounds to assist with

     Financial/Other Support towards purchasing signage/print 

       tshirts and otherwise brand ZR and our projects

     Local - Transportation of volunteers




Sign Up

Become a member of Zebra Remedies Tribe, where you can become a volunteer, donate, order, participate in discussions and the podcast, and more!

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