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The Mindfulness Mentor

Are you feeling like getting from point A to point Z of a specific phase or goal in your life/wellness, is proving to be incredibly growth-inducing, difficult, or even feeling impossible?  Are you feeling alone in the journey and other's are disinterested, overwhelmed, or unavailable to be part of your support team while you walk through major personal and/or professional changes?

We are Tinkerer's!  Here to fiddle, trifle, and dabble with our surroundings and our own Being's, and learn to hear our own Intuitive Voice communicating what aligns with You personally, and what doesn't!  It's a built-in navigation system that, like any learned behavior, needs practicing, in order to begin using it to your benefit in your own life.

"Life Is Sacred.  
Remember Your Sacred.
You're Sacred."


If you're feeling disconnected from this Intuitive Communication System, it is likely impacting Your balance, Your business/work life, Your peacefulness and Your grace.

I deal in Mindfulness Matters, and my life's work has been to mediate and facilitate growth and balance in difficult situations.  It is never about being perfect, or the ideal human; but rather about practicing Balance, and creating a mindfulness zone that harnesses the joyful power of a balanced existence. 

I operate as a "general support person" who is completely focused on awakening the  balance and growth opportunities for the situation.  Ultimately helping you uncover and transition, utilizing the methods of alignment that are resonating with you, in the here and now.

" She came prepared with an implementation plan that was flexible and built around my need for things to not adhere to a strict schedule; and even with our unique requests, she always had the attitude of "where there's a will, there's a way!"  She literally said to me one day "We humans are putting people on MARS, have been housing humans in SPACE and are building habitats in the deepest parts of the ocean.  We can do literally anything.  All you have to do is decide what it is you want to do with the time you've been given."

That has always stuck with me.

Thank you for the growth!  You're forever part of my balance and wellness,
for helping me get out of my own way!

- James S.

Working with me is a unique experience that puts a partner on your path, who is invested in your balance and the balance of your goals and purpose on this planet.  I will walk with you through difficult moments; from Spelunking through Self-Awareness, Divination through Divorce, Mastering Mindlessness, Navigating Your Nature and Expanding on the Grand Experience that is Existing!  All while teaching you tools, tips, and tricks that help you once again focus and bolster your Self-Aware, Intuitive Communication Skills

with Your Self and the world around you!

Spelunking through Self-Awareness

Going Inward is a dynamic process that is not in itself an entirely singular, or linear experience. You exist! And therefor you impact and are impacted by the existence of others. Let us go inwards together, learning tools that can be picked up again in the most stressful of times, or the most mindful; and let us discover your inner Voice. Your Intuitive brain houses the discernment which will carry you, instinctively, towards your balance and success. Many times our Intellectual Brain's training and programming can lead us to experiencing an extreme disengagement, or disharmony, between the Mind + Body + Soul Connection. The good news is that you are biologically BUILT FOR THIS! To connect, regrow, realign and press onward towards at least survival, but always with the grand goal of Thriving. You CAN have your Life Out Loud! Together we step into it!

Diving Through Divorce

Are you experiencing a separation of your Self from another; be it a life partner, a life-impacter, a friend, a job/career, or a deeply sincere and hard to describe dividing of your Self from a situation? My heart holds Yours. You are Sacred, and On Time. Together we walk through the tools that helps us create spaces for our Self to safely occupy when we've found our Selves needing that protection only our Self can really offer us. We explore many tools, both outside of our Being, and those that are biologically gifted to us as part of this Human Experience. We will practice hearing your own discernment, listening for which mechanisms of finding a way forward, healing through the trauma, and releasing and letting go, are ready to serve and align with you in the present. Your individual experiences in this journey that led you to this pain, will be visited, and redefined. By consciously making new relationships with components of ourself that are traumatized, angry, or in pain; we create the balance within us we are always seeking.

Mastering Mindlessness

Who you ARE Matters 💙 The way you show consciously and unconsciously up to this lifetime, makes an actual impact on each and every moment. We practice many modals of self regulation, Self-determination, inspired drive, manifestation techniques, and physical, mental, and spiritual opportunities to rise to a new occasion. Confidence is birthed through practicing something so many times, you know how to get it wrong; and from there, you develop ways to get it right. We can build from one another's success' with mindfulness, and grow ourselves and our communities seven sizes, by stepping consciously, and with support, into this role. Whether you consider yourself a leader amongst your village, or a supporter of the divine layout; Your Role Matters, and You Are Sacred. Embrace It.

Navigating Your Nature

Are you experiencing strange, or painful health issues and are looking for assistance with further research and proactive solution-driven communication? You have access to all my experiences with my own health journey (Disability; EDS, Chiari, POTS, PANDAS, Extreme Hypermobility/Dislocations, High Pain Threshold, Chronic Pain, Navigating Social Systems & Disability Services, Life After Disability, Navigating Wellness, Expansion and Growth From Pain), and also to my support systems of great minds, and extensive research networks full of people who like to ponder difficult problems. I will invest three days time extensively researching material related to your conditions and people who have grown through them; and provide you with a comprehensive PDF of information related to Your experiences in this body, and my personal connection and awareness of your situation, after assessing and analyzing all the components I'm given to assess. Medical Records, and other personal information are shared with me of your own free will. I am not a medical professional, and am not offering a medical opinion. All my work is centered around learning how to live and balance within the body you have, while navigating to your YES! Click here to learn more.

Expanding on the Great Experience that IS Existing

You're ready to GROW. You saw Frozen II and realized that song "Show Yourself!" was entirely about stepping into your YES, YOUR power, and it awakened something in you! (and even if you haven't, I think you can appreciate what it feels like to be READY for Your YES! to be a broad and important part of your life in the now!). Whether you're growing Your Self, Your Community (I love working as a support system for fellow Activists), Your Earth, Your Great Expansion, or Your Breath; this cyclical awakening is calling you in and together we will learn to identify and deeply hear the Intuitive Brain/Intuitive Voice bringing you to your well-being and grand unfolding!

I love to support:

*Activists unfolding deeper into their journey

*Caregivers/Doctors/Therapists discovering greater alignment within themselves

*Project and Engineering driven people who are looking to accomplish something big
    (maybe even crazy😊)

*Entrepreneurs discovering more clarity in their process

*Individuals realigning with their Intuitive Voice and Guidance Systems

*Communities facing challenges with solution-driven direction

*Schools finding ways to incorporate Mindfulness into the school day

*Mom's finding their own spirit and passion while juggling the beautiful life
  they are building

*Dad's figuring out how they fit into an environment

*Teen's learning to connect with themselves and the outside world

*Trauma Responses that are ready to shift into healing


We are better together.  Zebra Remedies has started holding Coloring The Zebra chats - where we have dynamic discussions about existing, learning to balance the Self and the immediate world around you, as well as developing coping mechanisms, processing tools and more to navigate life.  We get these gracious opportunities to unite together and become the sounding board for each other's intuitive voice.  There is no right answer for how each person "should" live this life.  There is, however, something great and vast that connects us all - all life.  And we are united within that.  

Together, We Rise


Join our Facebook group - Coloring the Zebra - Conversations of Consciousness - for our regular video chats and posts where we have dynamic discussions


Or                                 some one-on-one time with Allie for a Good Medicine Session, where I will hear you, remind you of your sacred Self, and become a safe place for back-and-fourth complex conversations where-in we employ many different tools and tactics to learn how to align the Self.  We are all seeking balance and so few of us are being taught how to bring our Selves balance.  Let us navigate your personal balance, together.

Explore Intuitive Communication with Self and Tribe!  Reach out to see what we have actively going on this week!

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