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We're going around the world!  Join us on an adventure of action-based do-goodery and breathe in those GOOD THINGS COMING!

Whether it is a project we create, an organization we work with, animals we care for or other adventures we share; we want to show up to other people and organizations with the same attitude: 

"How can we help?"

Below are just some of the projects, activities, opportunities, and educational moments we've shared with others.

Do you have footage of us at one of our compassionate exchanges?  We stay very busy being active in the communities we share experiences with, and our small crew can't capture everything!  Please share them with us! Send to us here!

Check out our active projects here



Joy's Kitchen - "Save Food, Love People"
an incredible endeavor to bring food to the people; Joy's is a heartfelt place to give and receive nourishment of your mind, body, heart and soul.  You don't need to do anything to qualify - just call or come by!


From Thanksgiving Day the previous year, to May 2018, we spent our time helping around the village and enjoying the culture, the people, and the customs.  We returned to the US in May.  EJ and I picked up our van in Florida and had an amazing road trip to Colorado, where we reconnected with our closest friends and family.  We bought The Scrappy Gypsy - our Ford F150 that we renovated while in Pagosa Springs, helped paint a bus, spent 2 months with our dear friends doing odd projects around their home, and met wonderful new humans.  Returning to Belize in December, we came with new fervor in our quest for balance, and sharing the balance we are able to mind.  

Immediately upon returning to Belize we were invited to help spearhead a big recycling project; and our journey into environmental activism unfolded again! 


2017 - Our first 6 months in Belize were spent on a remote property isolated in the jungle, 2 miles from Copper Bank, Corozal District, Belize.  As we spent our days washing our clothing and dishes naturally in the brackish lagoon waters, we watched the land change and learned sincere lessons about life, and the harmony of the existence of all around us.  We biked often the two miles into Copper Bank; a charming small village on a lagoon; and we befriended many of the people living there.  Here's some snapshots of that experience:

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