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Our adventures are vast and many!  In addition to our

activism, I (Amanda or "Allie") am a writer/poet,

and I work with others through existential human

experiences so that we may come to know

ourselves and one another better. 


In 2022 I intend to release a compilation of

some of my work which has helped me

comprehend my own reality, and assists other's

in their journey into them Selves.  We are here

to ignite one another into this life!                                                  Welcome to the herd!

Become a supporter and check out my poetry at
All my work is available and there are several tier options to support CTZ, giving you room to donate to our compassionate action and creative flow in a way and at a price that works best for YOU.  Compassionate and Passion-fueled merchandise coming out in 2022! 

And follow us on Facebook where we post our calls for existential conversation and dynamic connection.

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