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Welcome to our world!  We all share in this joy together!  Our family is all about compassionate action; showing up in the world to others with love and balance at the heart of our interactions. Find out what we've been up to, sharing ourselves and playing the role of humanitarian and environmental activists; and becoming more human every day.  We believe in the Good Things Coming; We All Came To Live Out Loud!

Embrace Change

This last weeks themes was about Embracing Change.

Ow how that can hurt 💜 and yet here we are; we make it through time and again and we all too often see these rights of passages, as instead some awful situation that would "knock us down". The truth is, these are opportunities presented to you so that you may have the option of making a new relationship with them. Here it is! You said you wanted change! You have been given opportunity to change the way you show up to this situation, and find yourself following a new fork in your path.

The first video and a POV teary eye'd awakening

The second is me reading a poem.

Love you all!

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