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Welcome to our world!  We all share in this joy together!  Our family is all about compassionate action; showing up in the world to others with love and balance at the heart of our interactions. Find out what we've been up to, sharing ourselves and playing the role of humanitarian and environmental activists; and becoming more human every day.  We believe in the Good Things Coming; We All Came To Live Out Loud!

Food Forests in Schools

Well it's been another adventurous week with Zebra Remedies! Last Wednesday my partner from JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) and I came together with the teachers of Mary Hill school, to discuss the planned food forest project that will benefit their children. The team member from JICA I am working with volunteers in several schools in the area as part of his position here, and when he was approached with the task of creating a garden, he thought of us!

Together, Ryoya and I have mapped out our preliminary plans for a curriculum and the actual garden forest space we intend to occupy. This is a 5 yr plan that, once written, can be handed off to any school and be used as a tool towards sustainability, conservation, and of course, growing their own food.

Little Zebra and I are about to move to Chunox village, where we will be closer to another of our projects, the Three Lagoons Wildlife Sanctuary. We have been gifted a fruit farm by one of the members, and are getting it ready, as it's been vacant for the last year. It is filled with mature fruit trees, and that alone is exciting - but it will also provide ample space for Zebra Remedies to build working prototypes of all these trash-based-building-material projects we've been doing with others.

Allie & EJ hitch hiking into Corozal to work with the community. If you see Allie with ash on her face - it's usually intentional, as it is a sacred blessing and an acknowledgement that we all come from and go back to the Earth.

Now, we can build them all in one place! I am hoping to do one major project a month with community involvement - inviting the local community to join us in person and likely doing videos of our projects for the web site for those of you around the world that follow our work. Most importantly, this is the true goal of ZR - to spread useful information and spark action!

The web site is coming along, if you've been watching our progress on here, you should follow our daily/regular progress on Facebook. Here in Belize, web sites are very rarely used - so different from the states! Most business' don't have a site, nor organizations, and so the country heavily relies on Facebook for information and for communication. We try to keep our engagements going there as often as possible.

And just a quick shout out to Greta Thunberg, who is in the US currently letting the Government know that they have failed to act up until now, and that We will be acting - with or without them. Don't forget that the warrior to fight for humanity and the environment lies within each of us. Our fears may make us feel as if we have no power - but it is in those moments that we must practice the power we have in order to gather our strength and become skilled! Let us unite to become a skilled planet of balance-keepers! Together, We Rise!

Today's song is Warrior People - by Nahko and Medicine for the People

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