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Welcome to our world!  We all share in this joy together!  Our family is all about compassionate action; showing up in the world to others with love and balance at the heart of our interactions. Find out what we've been up to, sharing ourselves and playing the role of humanitarian and environmental activists; and becoming more human every day.  We believe in the Good Things Coming; We All Came To Live Out Loud!

October 2019

What an exciting month ahead! This week Little Z and I finalize our move over to Chunox! It's been a crazy couple weeks prepping everything but we are both very excited to be moving onto a fruit farm! Especially one where we will have ample opportunity and space to delve into all the projects we help others with. Now we will be able to house a working example of every project in one space, and intend to create a collection of how-to's and photos of projects, as well as teach monthly classes in this space. Our first class - the date is to be announced - will be on how to make String from plastic bottles and plastic bags, how to make a simple rope making machine, and then how to make it all into usable, sell-able rope that is stronger than anything we've seen around these parts, and because it's made of plastic, wont degrade or decompose quickly! The amount of plastic bottles we could save from extended stays in our waters, jungles, and dump sites, could be quite numerous, as we continue to inspire projects that look at "trash" as an untapped and free building resource. Today, Oct 1, Little Z and I are teaching at Mary Hill School in San Andres Village, with our dear friend from JICA - Ryoya. Ryoya and I have been hard at work on a beautiful food-forest project for this school, and this week with the limited time we have with the kids, we are teaching them to make pouches out of recycled paper, and how to save/label seeds for our seed library. The school will then be creating this collection of seeds while we embark on the actual digging/creating/planting phases. Last week, the students were very excited about what is to come! We can't wait to see them again. The web site is transforming almost daily right now - and we have set up the page Zebra Exchange, where you can connect with us and others through one of four new ways:

Zebra Remedies Tribe Chat - Our open and daily discussion Zebra Remedies Blog - stay up to date with our work Project Forum - post projects and how-to's Zebra TribeCast (Podcast) - coming soon

So much happening - so much more to come! Blessings to you all! Thanks for running with our herd!

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