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Recycle Corozal

This Initiative is a partnership between Candice ("Candy") Espedido of Mama Lowe's Shop in Corozal, Corozal District, Belize.  

We collect recyclable materials and put them to productive use in the community around Corozal District.  Schools not only volunteer with sorting duty, but they also use these materials to build plastic-bottle-brick walls, to plant seeds, to build useful items and to create art.  Citizens of the community use the materials to create sellable art, and useful tools such as plastic-bottle/plastic-bag rope.  Through this initiative we teach how to create something of genuine value from items we've long called "trash."

Together with the community, we have created the Recycle Corozal Temporary Transfer Station, which is located on the side street next to Tortuga Grille in Corozal, lagoon side.  You may drop off your recycling at this location, or at our collection partners, listed below.  

Through this initative we are also working to install Transfer Stations over the place of current dump sites in remote villages, and working with villagers for practical solutions to minimize or make obsolete, the illegal dump sites found on jungle roads, lagoon beaches, major road junctions and more throughout Belize.

Volunteers are often needed for Recycle Corozal as there is always new materials to sort, and new projects to instigate!  Whether you're handy with a hammer, looking to get Community Service Hours, wanting to gather materials for a project or looking to impact your community in a positive way - we need you at Recycle Corozal!

Donate to help Recycle Corozal keep making connections and keep spreading the word!  This project tried to operate on limited to no need for funding - as we believe it is the responsibility of every person who uses the items that end up as trash in our community - and so we just ask that you help in any way you can!  

We are passionate about finding solutions as a world-wide community, and if you are, too, we could really use your help!  We don't claim to have all the answers, but we do believe that the only way to solve problems is to address and converse about them - to share ideas and experiment with the possibilities.  Join in the dialogue and let's ignite ideas that will be game changers to the current imbalances we face in the world, both environmentally and socially. 

Stop by our forum - Zebra Tribe Chat - and open up a dialogue about proactive potential solutions, questions and trouble shooting, and the struggles we face as a culture of people who are unifying under determination to cope with  the trash issues that we face.  Our Tomorrow's depend on our action Today!

In December 2018, Little Zebra and I returned to Belize where we ran into our dear friend Candy on only the second day back.  When I walked in the door of her shop, she lit up and began pouring all the details of her efforts while we were gone, and how she had created a small scale recycling project in Corozal District!

Before we had left, Candy and I would sit and chat about doing various projects and how we could help Belize, and I was so excited to hear that, while I had been away and planning my projects, she had been here on the ground making others a reality.  It truly is an honor to know Candy.

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