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Who Benefits?

Have You Tried Damage Control?

It 's So Helpful!

Whatever your aches and pains are; Damage Control has subtle and powerful, deeply penetrating natural ingredients that help your body, mind, and spirit find greater balance in the moment.  Genuinely All Natural, versatile, and a small amount (the size of a pea!) goes a long way on the body.

While it begins as an oil/butter, it dries with a satin finish within 10 minutes.  In more humid climates, allow for longer dry times, or ensure you use as little as possible to spread along your skin.  It is powerful, and no one benefits from it being added to the skin in large amounts.  Use sparingly, but adequately cover all affected areas of aches, pains, spasms, bruises, and beyond.


Damage Control is an ally to Our

Wellness Journey.  It goes everywhere with us, and helps support these bodies through thick and thin.


- Charles M.  (Road Construction, Hobby Carpenter, Husband, & Dad of 3)

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Quotation Marks