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We Would Like To Thank YOU!

Zebra Remedies has been a very special project in so many different ways through the

years.  From our early days when it was just me, in a wheelchair; making herbal

concoctions and selling them, I created a pain relief lotion that helped my own

horrendous joint, muscle, nerve, and bone pain.  It was at the encouragement of a friend who

used the blend when her children all had a rough body-heavy flu, that I made this product available

to the public; and while we do have it for sale, over the years, it more often than not was given away

as an act of compassion for someone suffering from pain.

Having been a chronic pain patient myself since I was 12 years old, it took me many years of research, re-creation, and trial and error to discover my path out of my sick Self and into a more balanced version of Me.  I have unfolded and refolded and unfolded again; and grown seven sizes each time my journey has led me to opportunities to raise my consciousness and not my emotional, hyper-logical, or work-aholic responses.  Balance comes from a practice of consciously approaching balance.  Together, we get to dynamically and powerfully explore those depths.  Together, We Rise.

It is not that my body never experiences illness.  It is that my body is talking, always, and now I am also listening.  It is that my spirit speaks loudly, and I am no longer shutting her down.  It is that my mind shows me symptoms of teachings that strengthened my lessons of when to be "done" with what isn't serving me.  And now I am learning that loving myself becomes the conduit to heal me through everything. 

You may be asking yourself how this all ties in to selling Damage Control and running Zebra Remedies as a business.  It turned out that the more I loved myself, the more love and room I had for others.  In 2017 my son and I changed our whole lives and stepped foot into the global community as nomadic volunteers; humanitarian and environmental activists.  In 2021, Kevin joined our family, and together we are building new and beautiful acts of compassion around the world while following some deeply rooted passions of our own.  Right now we are back in Belize, working on community strategy with groups in Corozal; and we've got lots of great contacts and purpose in Kenya, as the stars begin to align on that.  We want to share this compassionate action; this love; as often as we are able.  Check out our Compassionate Action page for what we've been up to, or our Facebook Page because to be honest I probably posted it there instead 😆.

It's because of YOU that we can continue our efforts.  Your donations to our projects, your monthly support that keeps us more balanced while we navigate this compassionate direction, and your purchases of

Damage Control and other products we put out, help us step foot out into the world with that much more to offer those who could use a touch of compassion today.

My upcoming book, Coloring The Zebra - Conversations of Consciousness, is being offered free as a tool of connection to one another.  My healing is your healing.  Your healing is mine.  I see and appreciate all of you.

And from our family; who daily are growing individually, and as a whole consciousness; we give great thanks for your impact on the world.  We thank you for how you show up to it.  We're glad to know you exist.  Keep on shining your greatest shine; living your Life Out Loud.

Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.


    Allie, Kevin, EJ, and the Zebra Remedies Team

Image by redcharlie
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