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We are in the process of changing our name to
Three Lagoons Sustainability Program! 
Stay tuned for updates to the mission of the program!

United to protect the water and land of Belize

This 2017 project was begun by a sincerely awesome Belizean, Edgar DeLeon.  Zebra Remedies has had the priviledge of being asked to help bolster their efforts in protecting the bodies of water around Copper Bank, Chunox, and Progresso Villages, in Corozal District, (northern) Belize.  An exciting opportunity to help someone else's profound effort to rise and solidify!  Come join us!

Volunteer on this Project!  Find out what we are in need of or offer your personal experience and ideas to help in another way!

Donate to help up Three Lagoons Wildlife Sanctuary, or buy our products and help support our entire effort

Edgar DeLeon is a passionate Belizean who noticed the build up of waste, and the health of the creatures within the waters in the Three Lagoons area being greatly diminished. He began talking to people, Village Chairmen, and the Government of Belize about the issues. Very quickly he gathered a following of other Belizeans dedicated to keeping the Three Lagoons and surrounding bodies of water, clean and protected. Their efforts have helped to improve the lives of everyone who lives near or depends on these waters.


Edgar Deleon is a local hero and an enthusiastic supporter of life in balance! He kept reaching out with his big heart, and one day by the side of the road, he met Allie from Zebra Remedies. Allie's environmental projects aligned wonderfully with the group's, and now we have teamed up to bring the Three Lagoons Wildlife Sanctuary Team to the next level, by getting them a bigger platform for their amazing collective voice!


You will be seeing big things from this group in the future. We are working towards a status here that effectively gives them authority to police their own waters (remember we are in rural Central America), as well as to become a fully formed NGO in Belize.


You can support the Three Lagoons Wildlife Sanctuary by volunteering with clean ups/tree planting/group projects, coming to our meetings (every two weeks and it rotates between Chunox, Copper Bank, and Progresso), or donating in-person, at fundraisers, or by clicking the above DONATE button.

We would love your help in preserving the life of these waters and its surrounding jungle!

Volunteers Needed!

Currently seeking people of all ages to assist with

     Trash Clean Up

     Research and Plan development

     Sapling Collection/Planting

     Community Outreach/Education

     Social Media

     Government Relations

     Donation Support


Donations/Assistance Needed!

Currently seeking people of all ages and backgrounds to assist with

     Financial Support towards forming our NGO

        ~  Goal is $3500 BZE ($1750 USD)


     Local - Transportation of volunteers, collected garbage





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to become a member of Zebra Remedies Tribe.  Where you can become a volunteer, donate, order, participate in discussions and the podcast, and more!

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