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   Growth & Healing
                                  with Allie & 

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​"Allie is supportive, creative, and encouraging.  She has helped me grow through a variety of personal situations, some of the very hardest in fact.  She will comfort you when needed, push you when appropriate and always help you see the opportunity for growth in each and every situation and moment.  


One of the really beneficial things about you, Allie, is that I've got plenty of friends who will listen to me b*tch or complain and say "oh, I'm so sorry you're going through that." But you always push me to look at it from a different perspective.  You ALWAYS look at it from "how is this gonna make me grow?" and You always leave me with a sense of "this is supposed to be happening."  Even if it's the worst possible event in my perspective; you would appropriately give me a hug and show up and help me, but you'd also say "Look!  Look at this opportunity for growth that you have!"   It's really encouraging.  You always look at the positive in other people; even when people are being absolute boobs; you have compassion for them, and say "They're struggling, too.  Isn't it sad that this person see's themselves like this?"

And I absolutely respect that.  Thank you for that."

- Lea Claycomb, M.D.

Client  *   Lover of Damage Control - Citrus Blend

We are all Great Facilitators of the many lessons this life, and our existence, has to offer!  

May we unfold together!


"Rise!  Together, We Rise!"


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