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Welcome to our world!  We all share in this joy together!  Our family is all about compassionate action; showing up in the world to others with love and balance at the heart of our interactions. Find out what we've been up to, sharing ourselves and playing the role of humanitarian and environmental activists; and becoming more human every day.  We believe in the Good Things Coming; We All Came To Live Out Loud!

January 2022

Ah the great adventure of LIVING! We have had beautiful un-foldings!

Caribbean Life is always a treasure, I've found. There is so much room to BREATHE, to BE. To find Self in all this existing. We're working hard - and still have so much room for joy. For sunshine. For breath.

We've been enjoying time at Dee's in Corozal district; hashing out all our goals, dreams, legal mumbo jumbo. We have been asked to be here to support her transitions and puppy sit - so of course expect cute footage! This return to Belize gives us time to prepare for our future endeavors while being joyously present in the growth of the now! We spend our days eating fresh fruits, making delicious dinners and salads, riding bikes and training, and completing compassionate acts in as many places as we can touch. We've been leaning into our own personal growth deep - and finding healing and love where darkened and cold corners of our hearts had existed; and Becoming and Becoming again!

Since getting our feet back under us in the warm, sunny climate, we've been hard at work living our lives Out Loud!

Good food is cheap in Belize - for the most part. The produce in this photo was a grand total of $17.50 USD ($35 BZE) and if you are out farther from the city, the prices usually improve on produce and become higher on household and hardware. We highly suggest people eat local fare to get the best nutrition, save money, and help the people in life here. In much of Central America, food is a tool of connection. Most families we have met will present us with food before they even know our name. The environment is welcoming and often joyous, and it seems like everyone is happy to see you, when you become known in the community for who you are. Amanda ("Allie") and EJ have spent several years in this environment, and have formed bonds that have grown us both seven sizes.

We've been happy to find that a favorite food stop of ours, that popped up just before we left in July of 2021 across from the bus terminal in town, is still around and thriving. He makes everything well, and is a joy to chat with. This awesome chicken platter is a favorite, and our whole family drools for the sauce he creates for it.

...And of course... tacos by the bay!

Kevin has been dynamically working on his balance and training; getting himself back into running shape. He's come a long way in just a few months, and as we delve deeper into tracking his progress, we're excited to be planning out marathons and other races he'd like to run in. It's been a treasure to see him grow through this. Each day he does "check-in's" with himself and I work on his back; retraining muscles back into better alignment and k-taping as necessary to offer support in his strengthening. We try to keep our process overall natural and basic. The k-tape, while not natural itself, offers a very specific type of support for his joints that bracing, splinting, topical rubs, good nutrition, isometric and other exercises can't quite do alone - which is to lift and hold the joint/bone/muscle in place while the person goes about daily life - enabling them to strengthen the joint's muscles, tendons and ligaments while doing normal activities, with reasonable additional movements and exercises. I have worked with many chronically painful people who have found themselves in much greater alignment because of their work with k-tape and transitions in their lives that bring them balance. We love to share it! We literally bring ROLLS with us!

(I'm so accustomed to writing with emogi's that this whole thing feels like it's missing some of the dynamic I like to bring to the table (and a 3 minute rabbit-hole later, I have figured out that

MAC's have them built in and I just didn't know how to use them. Go figure. I'm still new to MAC 😆) Here's the link for anyone who needs it ☺️)

Our business is getting an official boost and Jen has been making Damage Control, and manifesting forward the gifts we have with us today. We believe in the good things here, and the good things coming! Check out my post on Zebra Remedies, LLC and how this is a big step for our Compassionate Action out in the world!

In the coming days, Damage Control will be available for sale. You can find more information here

The house project with Jay and Tilo is beginning to take shape, and Amanda has been asked to do a logo and a web site for someone she is connected to in the permaculture community. The book is taking's been a process but it's a labor of love, for sure!

On the last day of Dec, Amanda got the privilege of photographing her dear friend's wedding ceremony; and we all got to attend and help out!

As promised, here's some cute footage of pluppers Roxy and Ginger (the sisters), and Lola (the doberman), and the misc adventures of the moments between moments in our life.


Stay tuned for videos coming soon!

This life is a joy!

Thank you for helping us shine our brightest shine.

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