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Welcome to our world!  We all share in this joy together!  Our family is all about compassionate action; showing up in the world to others with love and balance at the heart of our interactions. Find out what we've been up to, sharing ourselves and playing the role of humanitarian and environmental activists; and becoming more human every day.  We believe in the Good Things Coming; We All Came To Live Out Loud!

I've Got You

For the last several days I've been walking a friend of mine through a veterinary health crisis with their cats (while finishing one with my son's dog, Tidbit). So lucky we have met amazing doctors, vet techs and compassionate, informative souls along the way who are happy to help when help is needed. The strain of my friend's heart over this is another matter. We had an interesting short chat about how this situation creates a trauma for everyone involved, and how we navigate that trauma dictates how it anchors with us for the long haul. This weeks sacred dance with life and death, wellness and illness has inspired this poem...

black cat

Your face, so fine.

Each day you've graced my sacred life

Has changed me, grown me, shaped me

Molded me more into the person I am in this breath.

You're what's left

Of decades of existing and Becoming in myself;

All that is here with me in the now

Bellowing in their own ways

The ways of my yesterdays.

This is present.

You and I in a moment less pleasant

Holding tight to the life thread that feels entangled

Feels faded

Feels unsure of what's next for this

Painted, lively soul,

Wrapped up in their discomfort. I've got you.

I may not know the best step

to take next in your treatment

But I'm here, figuring it out with you

Side by side.

As much as it pains me, unnerves me, and quakes me

There is no where else I'd rather be in this time

Than holding space for you to realign.

Listening to your heart talk to mine.

Language of love is filled with small signs

Little bits of intuitive knowing

growing together into actions for our balance.

There's a dance at work in the nature of this

And maybe I'm not hearing the music now

But my body is already in the flow

Something about me knows where to go

And how to offer help

I don't need to intellectually hear it;

The best or most ideal of anything

-of anything.

We are present and in the now.

And I will hold you, in all this, somehow

Even if my arms can't reach you in a comforting place

this link, this bond cannot be phased

by the changes of our existence.

Love does not come with the condition

That you stay the same, dear heart.

I love You.

And somehow in all this,

I've Got You.

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